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If you want security and user authentication solutions that can bring you continuous technical support and services, you've come to the right place. Symtron's "Professional Services" team offers full services and support to both SI partners and end-users. The list of professional services and support includes:

Integrated Tech Support

With various types of choice in software and hardware available, we are here to help you manage the right selection of infrastructure. To integrate your existing infrastructure with FaceOn's face recognition technology will help cut costs, improve performance and fulfill your business goals.

Systems Management Services

We thrive to assist you identifying and defining your IT integration management strategy. Our Professional Service team provides infrastructure technology to help with the Internet systems management strategy, database design and administrative processes. We offer to create an organizational structure that enables FaceOn face recognition technology incorporating with your existing systems.

Product Training

Your unique training needs are part of our services. At Symtron we offer a series of custom classes ranging from basic biometric knowledge to advanced product development and solutions. Our goal is to empower your employees with the professional skills and knowledge they need to achieve your business goals.

Biometric Tech Consulting

Our Biometric technological experts provide general biometrics insights, face recognition technology analysis, as well as peripheral strategies. With Symtron's complete Biometric Tech support services, we help you succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

Product Trouble Shooting

Whenever you run into a problem that needs professional assistance, we are here to hear you out and provide a timely answer. Symtron's professional client service team has prepared complete trouble-shooting documents for your preliminary reference. We also offer on-site assistance at your location according to your unique needs.

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