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FaceOn wins The Best of Taiwan's Best Award at COMDEX Fall 

Symtron Technology, Inc. wins Best of Taiwan's Best Award from Eurotrade editor's choice at COMDEX/Fall. For the second consecutive year, Eurotrade editors award Best of Taiwan's Best Award to the most innovative products exhibited at COMDEX/Fall. The editors of Eurotrade chose the winners in many categoriesand decided to award three products in each category.

Entries included companies producing input devices, software, Internet applications, biometrics, and cooling solutions. Eurotrade editors judged entries on innovation, capability, ability to work within a company's existing business processes, and significance to corporate IT.

"We are honored to have won such a prestigious award", says Dr. Alan Yeh, President of Symtron Technology Inc.. Our entire team has worked diligently to develop the most ultimate Internet Identity solutions and applications. This is an important step in our goal to bring face recognition to the mainstream of the IT industry.

The FaceOn is designed for companies seeking the safe and convenient access control in Intranet and Internet environment. Throughout taking a few photos for the database by a PC camera, FaceOn provides a system that easily registers user's face as a unique key.

To view Eurotrade broadcast of the awards ceremony, please visit http://www.etmag.com/news/00nov15/1115a.htm
The awards were presented on Wednesday afternoon.