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Symtron's FaceOn Logon Wins MIT Excellence Award

Symtron Technology, Inc. a rapidly growing biometrics solutions provider, today announced that according to the Made-In-Taiwan (MIT) Excellence Award Committee, Symtron's FaceOn Logon was awarded this years' MIT Excellence Award.

Symtron's FaceOn Logon was designed to provide a safer and friendlier computer platform. By presenting unique face recognition technology and applications, FaceOn Logon won the hearts of judges. The "User Friendliness" category results showed FaceOn Logon as the top choice for its "Quick Clicks" installation. In the "Innovation" category, FaceOn Logon was considered first choice for creativity in product functions and potentiality. In the "Technology" category, FaceOn Logon is again the top security solution for its excellent originality, product compatibility and added product values.

"This is a great start for face recognition technology to reach user's desktop," said Dr. Alan Yeh, president and CEO of Symtron Technology, Inc. Symtron's newly launched computer user authentication software FaceOn Logon turns user's face into a pass token to log on and unlock his or her computer. It adds another level of security on top of the existing computer operation systems logon through Symtron's core technology of face recognition.

By adding standard PC cameras only, the FaceOn Logon software brings individual users and enterprises a total user authentication solution with reliability, traceability, and without the hassle of physical contacts. It allows only the administrator and any authorized users to access the computers and data. FaceOn Logon will soon be available to North America and East Asia early this month.

The MIT Excellence Award was established to encourage local manufacturers to achieve product innovation and technology. A broad coverage of product entries characterizes this year's competition, as more products related to access control, DVR, remote surveillance systems and alarm suppliers, in addition to conventional CCTV Cameras.

The award ceremony will be held in the Taipei World Trade Center during this year's SecuTech Expo. Symtron's FaceOn Logon will be featured in a MIT Excellence Award section.