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FaceOn solution receives "Outstanding IT Products/ Applications  Awards" from ITMonth

FaceOn Logon wins the "Best Choice Awards of Computex Taipei"

FaceOn Software wins the MIT Excellence Award

FaceOn product wins The Best of Taiwan's Best Award at Comdex





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Symtron Launch FaceOn Time and Attendance System

Symtron Announce New FaceOn Access Control Solution

Symtron's FaceOn Solution wins the "Outstanding IT Application/ Product Award" of ITMonth

Symtron's FaceOn Logon wins the "Best Choice of Computex Taipei" Award

Symtron Announces Growing Commitment to FaceOn Logon

Symtron's FaceOn Logon Wins MIT Excellence Award

Symtron Leads the Development of Biometrics in Silicon Valley

FaceOn PC Suite Touches End Users in Taipei Multimedia Exhibitions

Marching on "N+I Multimedia Exhibition" in Tokyo, Japan, Symtron Technology Introducing Face Recognition Software "FaceOn PC Suite" and "FaceOn Access Control"

Symtron Introduces Face Recognition Software "FaceOn PC Suite" and "FaceOn Access Control" at Taipei Trade Center

Symtron Technology and I/O Software Announce Licensing Deal

Recognizing Your Identity by Intelligent FaceOn Access Control Solution

Visit Symtron at Booth at CTST (CardTech/SecuTech)

Symtron Technology Launches FaceOn PC Suite

FaceOn wins The Best of Taiwan's Best Award at COMDEX/Fall

Biometrics as computer software

FaceOn heading to the Comdex show Fall in Las Vegas, USA

FaceOn at the upcoming Computex Taipei  in Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan-made ID technology leads Internet security

Computex Taipei special report "FaceOn Logon" ( from Nikkei Business Publications)

Companies target need for security ( Taipei Times )

Symtron's FaceOn Logon Wins the 'Best Choice of Computex Taipei' Award ( )

Symtron Technology receives MIT award ( Chinapost )

Focusing on biometrics at Comdex ( )

Software checks user's identity before granting PC access ( Global Sources )

Biometrics as computer software ( Global Sources )










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