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Biometrics in General

Biometrics is the automated use of physiological or behavioral characteristics to determine or verify identity. Biometrics recognizes people by using either measurements of a part of the human body, or an action taken by a person. Behavioral biometrics includes voice-scan, keystroke-scan, and signature-scan. Physiological biometrics includes face-recognition, finger-scan, iris-scan, retina-scan, and hand-scan.

Why is Face Recognition a better choice?

Over all, the face recognition technology is less susceptible to alteration. The system is often designed to be robust enough to conduct one-to-many searches, to locate a single face out of a database of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of faces.

About FaceOn

FaceOn" is the core technology of face recognition Symtron developed and owns. It was the research essence of Dr. Alan Yeh while he joined the Computer Vision Lab at Yale University. FaceOn technology employs neural network and artificial intelligence technologies to capture faceprints, and determine or verify identity. All Symtron software applications and solutions are related to FaceOn.

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